Feeling left out

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I just went one a Schooltrip to Rome 🙂 I went with a very close friend of mine and we had actually planned to do a lot together. Right at the airport I could notice her hanging out a lot with this boy, whom she tends to text with a lot. Did not think much of it, until we got to into th plane and they starting laughing about inside jokes, stuff I didn’t know  etc. etc. I suddenly felt really left out. End of the story they did this for 4 whole days.

I am sure a few of you can relate to this,not just with a boy girl relationship, but also with a group of 3 best friends or in a lot of other scenarios.

I just want to say I know it hurts that they do not want to spend time with you, but if that is the case then they are really not worth your time. Go hang out with other people and find new friends ,friends who want to hang out with you and appreciate you.

Believe me I have had several of these situations and have learnt the hard way.

Thankyou for your comments on the last posts, you don’t know how happy they make me 😊




Don’t even think about it

OK this is a random favourite of mine, but I can definitely recommend it. It’s a  book about several teenager who suddenly get the ability to read each others minds. The funny and entertaining book by Sarah Mlynowski is getting a sequel in a few days, which I cannot wait to read!

I would definitely check it out!



Moving to a big city

Ok I know I am doing a series right now on Books, but if you do not enjoy reading as much this might be a post you will enjoy.

First off let me explain. 4 years ago I moved from a small town in Germany to London. From 5000 people to more than 8.5 million people is a big change. The last time I lived in London I was only a Baby, so for me I was a town girl. So if you are going through a similar process here are a few tips.

  1. Stay away from the tourist attractions: Basically moving to a bigger city, which is potentially full of tourists can be very annoying. My best tip is to just stay away from the main attractions. London for instance has so much more to offer and if you live locally take time to explore the places that tourists don’t completely swarm . Check out the tourists attractions at times you know it’s not going to be too full.
  2. Make your house and flat yours: Style it as much as possible like you want it. Add little things that make you feel safe and make you feel at home, because if the surrounding is not familiar make sure your home is a place where you feel at home.
  3. Make Friends: I think this is an obvious one , but it’s equally important. With Friends the city will not feel as lonely and they can also show you super locations etc.
  4. Keep in contact with your Friends at home: Skype and Facetime are great for these purposes, so if you feel a bit lonely or homesick just chat with a Friend!

I hope this helps you!


The Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices and the Dark Artifices

Ok, if you are not familiar with this series, I can recommend checking it out.

Basically it is about a girl named Clary Fray who finds out she is not a normal human. I’ll leave it at that, just in case you have not read it I do not want to spoil anything!

The series has 6 books and  my favourite was definitely the last one.

I found the 3rd book a bit hard to get through, but believe me the plot starts getting better  in the 4th book.

Also the author Cassandra Clare  wrote 2 new series based in the same world and with characters appearing from the original series. They are called the Infernal Devices and the Dark Artifices

One of the series is based in London in the 18th century and the other one in LA. The LA based series plays after the original series. 

My personal favourite is the Infernal Devices.

I just finished the first book in the Dark Artifices series and I am dying to read the next one, which comes out in 2017😒.

If you want me to do a more detailed review on all of these books (maybe for people who have read them so I don’t spoil anything) let me know in the comment section! I would love to have a discussion and hear your opinions on all three series!



Book review series for Teenage Girls

OK my first post is going to be a book review

I think over the next week or so I am going to be posting a Book or series every day that I can recommend.

First off my taste in books is at the moment mostly ‘young adult fantasy novels’ (thanks wikipedia😂) and general teenage girl books. I am absolute wimp when it comes to movies, so I haven’t watched many of the movie versions of these books (if there are any).

Check out my next post for the first book review and please leave comments about books you enjoyed and I’ll check them out!



This is my first blog post and if you are reading this I want to say thanks for checking my blog out!

Im not quite sure where this blog is going to go, but for now lets just say I’m going to write about things that interest me, things I find important and maybe a few book reviews……:)

Well lets just run down the basics about me again! I’m a 14 year old girl and I live in London. I enjoy dancing and reading and sometimes I’ll go for a run 🙂 (lazy teens i get you ;))

I am half german, but not going to lie my german is terrible😂

I hope I can write relatable blog posts for you, about London, life etc.