The thin line between teasing and bullying

Hey Guys!

I am sure all of you have experienced teasing. You know small little jokes on someoneelses dispense, normally a close friend. I’m sure that there are people in your social circles who like to “wreck” other people with insults. This is all fun and games, until it’s not. I think this is a big problem with bullying, because a lot of times the thin line between teasing and bullying is crossed. Yet the bully, who is a friend, family member or classmate, doesn’t notice.

As always I have a story to this. A couple of years ago me and a boy in my class developed a “wrecking” relationship. Really it was him being mean to me and pranking me. I didn’t mind, because I didn’t care about his opinion anyway and the pranks were harmless. This year a few other boys joined in and as much as it still didn’t bother me, it started to get annoying.

Last week, however, it got out of hand. I stated to my class that it was my birthday in less than a month, in my weird,quirky, childish ways and one of the boys turned around and said the words “Go kill yourself”. He meant it completely as a joke, as he always does ( I’ve known him for many years and I know he would never want that). I ignored it, being completely used to it, and carried on with my day. Later on however, one of my best Friends asked me why I tolerate bullying.

This was the first time I looked at it that way and I realised this really does count as bullying. The boys had crossed the fine line between bullying and teasing. So after school I asked him if he was aware of that and he was not. For him this was all a joke. Nothing more than a tease to get a girl’s attention.

Please always watch out for the fine line between bullying and teasing, especially if you are teasing somebody else. You never know what they are going to find offensive!

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